Remember me?

by Gary Gulley December 7, 2012 Investment

Hey, what is this place? Some sort of “web log” thing it seems. I vaguely remember being here before. Hi there! It’s been over a month since I last posted! That’s dumb! So are all of these exclamation points! There’s another one! Crap. Well, we’re officially in that phase I call “Write Checks to Lawyers”. […]

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Where We Are, Where We’re Going

by Gary Gulley October 19, 2012 Business Plan

I’ve been very bad about posting updates. I’m in kind of a transitional phase in this monstrous process. Finishing the business plan (which will require some additions and some modifications to the numbers) was a great feeling, but after I completed it I realized this: shit just got real. Working on my business plan seemed […]

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The Business Plan: Part II – Cash Flow Analysis

by Gary Gulley September 27, 2012 Business Plan

If you’ve never written or even seen a business plan before, the whole concept might seem daunting. I had only seen one, maybe two business plans before I started writing my own, so I barely had any idea what the hell I was getting into. But fret not! It’s very easy to do but you […]

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The Business Plan: Part I – Overview

by Gary Gulley September 27, 2012 Business Plan

As I move on to the next and more difficult phase of this endeavor, financing, I thought I would share some goodies I learned from the business plan phase. Here is a link to the template of my business plan. This is simply the business plan with all section and subsections and all content removed, […]

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Ka-Boom: The Panic Brewing Brand Design

by Gary Gulley September 10, 2012 Branding

I didn’t make a big deal about unveiling the Panic Brewing logo/brand design when it was completed a couple of months ago. I’ve had the initial sketch and subsequent design updates as the cover photo on the Panic Brewing Facebook page from the beginning. I did that because I wanted to get a visual identity […]

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Let’s See…Anything New to Report?

by Gary Gulley September 10, 2012 Business Plan

What a busy summer. Gardening, DYI projects, enjoying lots of family time to make up for last year’s shitty summer. Lots of homebrewing too. What else did I do this summer? I seem to be forgetting something. Oh, I remember. I FINISHED THE BUSINESS PLAN FOR PANIC BREWING! It’s odd that I forgot it, ’cause […]

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Quick Updates (again)

by Gary Gulley August 25, 2012 Business Plan

Just wanted to let everyone know I definitely haven’t forgotten about blogging. I’m forcing myself to NOT blog so I can get this biz plan 100% complete, and oh my oh my is it close. I keep saying it’s close, but then I uncover more material to add or spreadsheet changes to make. But this […]

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Some Updates

by Gary Gulley August 1, 2012 Business Plan

The harbinger of doom in blogging is to not blog regularly, so I need to get back at it. Here are some updates. I have ordered T-shirts and will be selling them to any interested parties. They should be printed by end of this week. When they are done, I’ll post some pictures and more […]

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Beers To Surprise and Delight

by Gary Gulley August 1, 2012 Hops

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my flagship recipes. I don’t recall mulling over any other major decisions in my life as much as this one. Seriously. I’ve gone back and forth in my mind about which style-esqe beers to launch with and as […]

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“I’ve Had That Taste In My Mouth Before”

by Gary Gulley July 18, 2012 Quality

I recently participated in a couple of sensory analysis sessions with damn near every start up brewery in Chicago. The two sessions were organized by the awesome Brant Dubovick, former brewmaster at Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh and soon to be brewmaster at Dryhop Restaurant and Brewery right here in Chicago (opening early 2013, sooner if […]

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